10 most visited Moscow shopping malls

10 most visited Moscow shopping malls | «Proekta»

The biggest mall, the largest shopping center’s aquarium, the amplest parking – all this is about Moscow, one of the capitals of the world’s shopping. The use of its trading sites is one of the most rational and beneficial ways to promote your brand. Read what shopping centers enjoy greater popularity in 2019 in the new Proekta’s top.


1. Aviapark

Year of opening - 2014

Area - 390 000 sq. m

Traffic - 1 500 000 people per month

Location - 4 Khodynsky blvd, CSKA metro station

Main tenants -  Inditex group stores, IKEA, Auchan, OBI, H&M, Cotton, Marks & Spenser, Uniqlo, Stockmann, Reserved, Sephora, Letual, Decathlon, Nike, Adidas, premium brands

Aviaparkis the favorite of Proekta’s top. Besides the design, developed by the architectural maestros of US commercial real estate, it can boast of a whole set of regalias. The mall became the Europe’s biggest shopping center leaving behind the sites of London and Paris. The leader when it comes to investment volume (the project cost is estimated at $1,4 billion), the entry in the Guinness Book of World Records with the biggest cylindrical aquarium with thousands of inhabitants 23 meters high.

4 floors, 350 stores (among which there are such giants as Hoff, Ashan, IKEA, OBI, Stockmann, Inditex group brands and others), 70 restaurants and cafes. A 17-screen cinema, 30 entertaining areas are designed to entertain adults and young visitors of the shopping center. The navigation issue is solved thanks to a parking for 5 thousand places and the presence of the metro within walking distance (in a literal sense).


2. Mega Belaya Dacha

Year of opening - 2006

Area - 304 000 sq. m 

Traffic - Over 3 000 000 people per month

Location - 5 1stPokrovsky proezd, Kotelniki city, Moscow Region,

Main tenants - IKEA, Auchan, Stockmann, Crazy Park, Cosmic, OBI, H&M, Inditex group stores, Letual, and others 

A facade 4 km long, 350 options of shopping, food places and entertainments and 40 million people per year. Mega Belaya Dacha is the first Europe’s mall in terms of shopping space and the second one in terms of general space (Aviapark is ahead). The capital old-timer and the leader among the lovers of shopping, the shopping center is located in the south-east of the capital. Its arsenal counts 9.5 thousand of parking places, a multi-screen movie theater, a bowling club, a mini-golf site, and various leisure options for children. Here you can also find the most recognizable brands of mass market and average price segment.


3. Riviera

Year of opening - 2016

Area - 298 000 sq. m

Traffic - N/A

Location - 18 Avtozavodskaya st.

Main tenants - Auchan, M. Video, Detsky Mir, Cinemapark cinema

A calm shopping center with average attendance, which offers awide range of opportunities for family rest and classical set of brands. A good locationin relation to the Third Ring Road, 260 stores and unusual architecture attract more and more visitors to the mall. The modest size of parking (3000 places) in comparison to such a big shopping center is compensated by the proximity of two metro stations and the Moscow Central Ring, Recently the mall’s owner has changed, that’s why there’s certainly a chance for a revival of the shopping destiny of the city giant.


4. Columbus

Year of opening - 2015

Area - 277 000 sq.m

Traffic - 2 000 000 people per month

Location - 13a Kirovogradskaya

Main tenants - Okay, M. Video, Decathlon, Sportmaster, Inditex group brands, UNIQLO, H&M, Koton, LC Waikiki, Hoff Home, and others

A spacious shopping center with a coverage area of 3 million of people, which the Moscow residents love for the freedom of movement (85% rented), the lack of queues, and a wide range of child stores. A classical set of the stores you know, clear navigation, a cinema, 1600 parking spots, and lively Varshavskoe shosse allow the shopping center grow in attendance and the number of tenants on the yearly base.


5. Europolis (ex-Zolotoy Vavilon Rostokino) 

Year of opening



241 000 sq. m


1 500 000 people per month

Location  - 211 Mira ave., building 2, Rostokino metro station 

Main tenants - Castorama, Okay, Eldorado, M. Video, Inditex group brands, H&M, Detsky Mir, and others

An important renovation work has been done by the shopping center’s long-term resident – it changed its name, updated design and concept. Ample lounge areas, a fashionable gastronomic food court appeared in the shopping center improved by Spanish architects, and  the pool of tenants extended at the same time. Today, the mall in Rostokino is over 400 brands, an impressive choice of electronics, familiar mass market brands, and 4,8 parking spots.


6. Vegas Crocus City

Year of opening - 2014

Area - 285 000 sq. m 

Traffic - N/A (over 650 000)

Location - 67 km of Moscow Ring Road, Moscow

Main tenants - Auchan, M. Video and Media Markt electronics stores, Tvoy Dom, Inditex group brands, Happylon entertainment park, Luxor cinema

A conceptual mall with an area of Times Square, 5thAvenue and others attributes of the American shopping dream. The shopping center can boast of an extensive set of brands of the average segment, a popular cinema, and a stylish design. Transport accessibility is one of the trademarks of Vegas. You can get here without leaving the metro or by the convenient cross-over road of theMoscow Ring Road north-end. The center is connected to the city’s largest hypermarket Tvoy Dom, Crocus City Mall premium brand gallery and Crocus Expo exhibition center with glasspassages, which allows getting astable inflow of visitors all the year round.


7. Gorod(Lefortovo)

Year of opening - 2009

Area - 240 000 sq. m

Traffic - About 800 000 people per month

Location - 12 Entuziastovhighway,building2

Main tenants - Auchan, Leroy Merlin, Decathlon, Sportmaster, M. Video, Formula Kino, Ostrov entertainment center

A mall implemented the concept of the city where you can realize all possible option of purchases and get the total range of entertainment is conveniently located nearby three metro stations and large road junctions. 2700 parking slots, a cinema, an ice-rink, and over 200 brands for shopping, entertainment, and options to have a snack.


8. Rio

Year of opening - 2008

Area - 220 000 sq. m

Traffic - N/A (over 700 000)

Location - 163А Dmitrovskoehighway

Main tenants - Okay, Detsky Mir, Inditex group brands, H&M, CinemaStar cinema

One of the first Moscow megamalls with a range of 225 stores and almost 100% level of rent of shopping space. An iconic shopping center almost every Moscow resident is familiar to with a very loyal attitude to its visitors. From two metro stations free buses come out, the parking accommodates up to 3500 cars. And the project is fitted with a cinema, a large child supermarket, a seaquarium, a mini zoological garden, and a wide range of recognizable brands.


9. Mega Khimki

Year of opening - 2004

Area - 210 000 sq. m

Traffic - Over 2 000 000 people per month

Location - 39 Leningrad highway, Khimki city, Moscow Region

Main tenants - IKEA, Auchan, Stockmann, OBI, H&M, Inditex group brands, Letual, and others

One of the largest shopping centers of the country is located outside the city, in Khimki. However, it doesn’t stop it from staying the leader in the attendance (over 2 million of people per month), number of parking spots (8700) and the favored destination of heavily populated Khimki. There is a big IKEA, Ashan, Stockmann, and a multi-screen movie theater here. Moscow residents respect the Mega forgreat spaces and excellent choice – during the peak of clearance sales you can find the size you need right here.


10.  Mega Tyoply Stan

Year of opening - 2002

Area - 180 250 sq. m

Traffic - About 1 000 000 people per month

Location - 1 Kaluzhskoehighway, building1

Main tenants - OBI, Auchan, Detsky Mir, Underline fashion-cluster, Kinostar cinema, Sportmaster. 

The very first Mega, which still remains one of the Moscow leaders regarding the area of selling space. 208 stores, spacious parking (over 8700 parking spots). After 17 years of existence, the shopping center is also the most popular shopping center of Moscow in terms of sales per square meter of area. The South Mega has a high-quality and wide portfolio of clear and much-loved brands and attractive prices. Despite the competitors, the growing real estate development of the southward of the capital allows maintaining the stable level of traffic within the last 5 years.


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