Event-marketing in social networks: main tendencies of 2018

Event-marketing in social networks: main tendencies of 2018 | «Proekta»

This is a fact that the majority of modern people prefer to carry on business, entertainment and just information activity on open spaces of the Internet. That's exactly why knowledge of main tendencies of event marketing in social networks is a great possibility to develop a strategy, which will gain profit or brandawareness.

Chatbots and their use

The client should be serviced immediately – the success of the deal and trust to the company depend on that. Not always there’s a possibility to use “human factor” – managers could not deal with the backlog of calls and emails, that’s why it makes sense to use chatbots, which unremittingly work 24/7. Facebook Messenger, for example.

Social networks mobility

Remember that users not always carry a PC or a laptop, and in 85% of cases people enter social networks during trips, dinner breaks, walks. They use smartphones or tablets, correspondingly. Take care of a user-friendly interface and page navigation for mobile devices and you’ll get more feedbacks.

The similarity of functions – is not a cause for neglect

Some platforms have similar functions. The features of Snapchat are tracked in Facebook and Instagram, widespread in Russia Vkontakte and Odnoklassniki have the common parameters. The popularity of one of social networks – is a specific phenomenon and is based on the peculiarities of audience, that’s why it’s feasible to promote the brand and product on different internet-resources for wider coverage of target audience. 

Video – is the most important point of strategy

It’s not a secret that modern people are lazier and reading is not “fashionable” as before. Strengthen your positions adding videocontent. As practice shows this solution causes more trust and strengthens visual perception increasing trust to the brand.

Remember that information updating on the pages in social media – is an obligatory condition, which will be always in the trends regardless fashion crazes and the specific features of target audience. 



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