7 Tips How to Hold the Audience’s Attention, or Successful Speaker’s Tricks

7 Tips How to Hold the Audience’s Attention, or Successful Speaker’s Tricks   | «Proekta»

The ability to hold your audience’s attention is a real art, it requires many skills and knowledge. It’s important to know that the report thrill and a few following tips help focusing the audience’s attention and achieving success at the elocutionary field:

  • question-answer report. Reason about the issue under discussion, involve listeners into the conversation, ask them questions, lead them to necessary conclusions. The drive to lively communication is especially successful when you speak to small audiences;
  • make references to weather conditions. For example, that on such a happy day even nature rejoices, giving wonderful weather;
  • make references to the previous speaker. You can cite him, agree or disagree with his arguments, play upon his expressions;
  • mention authoritative sources in your speech (for example, statements of acknowledged masters, personalities, etc.). In such a way you capture the listener’s attention, strengthen your positions, awaken confidence;
  • carefully think over your theme and presentation plan. Each your presentation should be carefully prepared, built according to a specific plan, otherwise there’s a risk to evade the issue. Build your speech based on the average age of listeners, their number, education, environment;
  • use vocal techniques. Even the most interesting information presented in a monotonous voice makes listeners bored, disperses their attention. Use pauses in your speech, change voice pitch and volume;
  • prove your arguments through a particular case, ideally, they should be from your individual practice or commonly known literature.

We are all different, we differ with our temper, character, life settings. It’s nothing like as simple to hold the audience’s attention. We hope our tips will help you to polish your eloquence skills, come into contact with any listeners.


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