Successful guerrilla marketing

Successful guerrilla marketing  | «Proekta»

Traditional advertising is not enough for successful promotion of products under conditions of the modern market. A new product or service comes on the market every second, the abundance of goods prevents the buyer from focusing on a particular thing. Attracting an event-agency to implementation of non-standard – guerrilla – marketing contributes to expanding consumer audience in the short term and without substantial investment.

Guerrilla method features

  • idea originality and creativity;
  • minimum investment with maximum effect;
  • consumer needs analysis towards further psychological influence;
  • edginess and shock value.

Top Guerrilla Events

  1. CAMEL promo. Camel is known for being a highly effective example of first guerrilla events. A few days before today well-known cigarette brand came into the market billboards with a camel had been mounted in many cities and flyers with the question HAVE YOU SEEN A CAMEL? had been distributed. It is no wonder that coming into the market packs with camels were in high demand.
  2. Pseudotourist – an advertizing campaign for promoting Sony Ericsson T68i. In the course of the campaign popular actors pretended to be tourists and asked people to take pictures of them with the T68i. Sale turnover increased three times.
  3. When running promo action Eroset, mobile phone retailer Euroset offered customers, who will get naked before entering the store, a phone for free. There were many who agreed. The store’s clientele increased manifold.
  4. The citizens of Moscow will remember the presentation of a new line of male deodorant entitled Warning! Axe effect! for ever. A half thousand of girls crying out Come to me! and something phallic under a white sheet. It was just a deodorant model. However, memories and effect have been kept for long.

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