The importance of event marketing

The importance of event marketing | «Proekta»

A good half of entrepreneurs still do not understand why event marketing is needed, what results can be achieved with its help. Meanwhile, this tool is especially effective due to its unobtrusiveness. Users have already become accustomed to ignoring the stream of advertising information that is poured on them daily. But event marketing causes sincere interest and positive emotions.
Event marketing is at the intersection of directions. It's a mix of marketing, PR and advertising. The main thing is that it effectively promotes a specific company with its set of goods or services, focusing on the interests of the target group, influencing its emotions. As a result, consumer loyalty is increased.

What is the importance of event marketing

Applicable to almost any business, with the right goals, event marketing has certain advantages.
1. Potential customers are more receptive to information “packaged” in an entertaining form.
2. Events have a long-term character: those who were present will warmly remember their experience of interacting with the brand for a long time to come. People will transfer these positive emotions to the organizing company, they will become more loyal to its products and services. These are the features of the psyche.
3. Unusual, thoughtful events are widely covered in the media without the cost of advertising, and on social networks. Together, this has a tremendous impact on the perception of the company in the eyes of potential customers.

An important principle of event marketing is customer orientation. Try not to annoy the audience with your advertising, not to impose services and products, but to create a feeling among customers that you are responding to their requests, which they themselves have formed.


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