The main marketing trends in Russia

The main marketing trends in Russia | «Proekta»

Recently, there have been a number of changes in marketing, during which its trends have also changed. Strategists need new techniques and tools in order to interest, come up with something that will surely hook the user.

What is the quality improvement?

The question is: how to attract an audience? Are there any fresh gimmicks in 2021? It is on this that the whole thing is built.
We have compiled a list of ideas and tips. This article has collected options that you can use to be more successful.

Search and search engine

One of the most powerful ways to attract people is the ability to work with websites. You need to understand the writing of SEO articles, the idea of ​​"water" in the text, spaminess, academic and classical nausea. The parameters presented earlier can be checked on special sites. The main role is played by the search keys - they are chosen wisely, because it is this phrase that will be in the search engine. Inserting keywords should be infrequent and appropriate. This way you will get a large influx of audience and a satisfactory result.

Advertising and content

To promote your organization, you need to be active in social networks - to conduct broadcasts, to arrange contests. You must have at least one of your own company pages. Now the main influx is from social networks: Instagram, Vk, Facebook, Twitter. Some are attracted by contests or online courses. 

Personalization and individuality

It is important to know what someone who is interested in your services or products and what they want you to rpoduce. It is necessary to understand who will be your audience - women of age 65 or boys up to 20. People, like generations, have completely different interests, it is important to describe the desires and "wishes" of the audience group.

Voice assistant

Many users have already started using voice search. It is much easier than typing on the keyboard. Not a bad way to engage your audience - this feature attracts people.

Chat bot

A kind of assistant, formulating answers to basic questions. Used in correspondence, responds quickly, transfers information to the specified customer. Convenient, if it is not always possible to get in touch with the client.
Try to adapt to the audience - program the bot, make its newsletter interesting.

Fighting competitors

Remember that marketing is a war in which you are challenged to outflank the competition and take the venerable first place. We've put together a few tricks to help you get started. Use the tips wisely and do not forget - patience and work will grind everything.


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