The main Russian marketplaces: an overview

The main Russian marketplaces: an overview | «Proekta»

The popularity of marketplaces in Russia is growing every year. For sellers, the benefits of trading under the auspices of a well-known brand with a streamlined service are obvious; buyers are interested in a large selection, quality and the best price on the market. Based on the results of surveys of entrepreneurs, five marketplaces are in the lead today.


The largest online store controls 13% of the market. Over the past year, the number of buyers approached 40 million people, and there were about 91 thousand sellers. The site welcomes entrepreneurs from Russia, Kazakhstan, Belarus, Slovakia, Poland.
Disadvantages noted by those who work on the platform:
● fixed commission in the amount of 19%;
● strict requirements for certificates;
● self-payment for delivery and return of goods.
All of this outweighs the fact that the site is visited by around 7 million people daily.


The trading platform is considered to be the oldest in Russia, but it received the status of the marketplace a couple of years ago. More than 20 thousand sellers (individual entrepreneurs and legal entities) offer their products on the website They have the marketing tools they need, including ad units. A commission from sellers is taken only for paid goods, there is no subscription fee.
Another undoubted advantage of the site concerns delivery: there is an express option from two hours. The main disadvantage that the sellers call is the lack of sensible technical support. It can take several weeks to process an online application.

Aliexpress Russia

Now in the universal marketplace sellers from Russia (more than 45 thousand) and other countries offer their goods.
Pros for sellers:
● the ability to store goods in Ali's warehouses, if you do not have your own;
● zero commission from the first hundred of sales, then - 5 or 8%;
● the ability to use the marketplace delivery service if there is no possibility / desire for an independent organization.
Considering the above, the obvious drawback is huge competition, long return times, and a multi-stage registration procedure.

Yandex Market

The marketplace occupies 2% of the market with 7.7 million buyers. Yandex.Market compares favorably with the proposed terms of cooperation: it is possible to be placed both as an active partner and according to an advertising model. Storage and delivery of goods can be either organized independently or delegated to the marketplace. The main drawback is the commission, which is taken not for paid orders, but for transitions. Because of such a system, there is a risk of going negative.


Marketplace specializes in the sale of branded clothing, footwear, accessories. There are representative offices in 150 cities of Russia. The site has sellers from Russia, Ukraine, Belarus and Kazakhstan with registered trademarks. Plus, the company itself is engaged in purchases from global brands. The main plus is an impeccable reputation: there are only original products on the site. Conditional minus - you can enter the site as a seller with at least 50 products. The average commission is about 40%, but it includes packaging, storage and delivery by the marketplace. Lamoda employees take orders and process them themselves. For each supplier there is a personal manager, a separate catalog page.

Different platforms have their own target audience. It can be concluded that the main characteristic of marketplaces in Russia today is diversity and dynamism. Sellers have the opportunity to choose the most suitable site for their goods.


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