The way not to fail or 8 mistakes of a budding event manager

The way not to fail or 8 mistakes of a budding event manager  | «Proekta»

It is impossible to become a successful and popular event-manager, studying only theory. Only knowing the "delights" of the practice of events can learn all the subtleties of the case. The main thing is not to repeat the colleagues’ mistakes.

1. Narrative

The best you are for your parents and loved ones. Clients evaluate your professionalism. Left the opinion about your actual coolness for your relatives, they at least will not cease to communicate with you. Maybe.

2. 100 grams for luck

To remove the stress with alcohol is not an option. The consequences of intoxication are difficult to predict, because alcohol effect on the nervous system in different ways. Even if you appear to be "like a glass", the smell of fumes will not add you a  professionalism.

3. I'll be in time

To be engaged in preparation at the last moment or to undertake the organization of the event in deliberately unrealistic terms is a sure step to failure. By acting so, you risk to lose both your good reputation and the client's money. A mistake of this kind is not forgiven.

4. "Let's not waste time on trifles"

To compose whole event and not take care of the details is the evidence of amateurism. Without the elaboration of a detailed plan, there is a risk that participants involved in the holiday will be late, which will affect the mood of the guests and, as a consequence, your reputation.

5. Excessive emotion

I want to "tear and throw"? Go into a secluded corner and "let off steam." When screaming at colleagues, especially before the event, you risk to lose the employee which will "forget" to leave you important contacts.

6. I do what I want

By changing the concept at the decisive moment you are guaranteed to get a big stress. Even if you do not like the idea of ​​holding an event, bring it to the end, otherwise harm first of all to yourself. For example, you decided to include the head of the corporate speech in the script, but forgot to inform the speaker about it. What do you think, in what phrases will he say "thank you" to you? 

7. And so come down

It will not do. Recheck all possible situations - the rule of elementary security. Force majoure can happen to everyone, but vigilance greatly reduces the risk.

8. I'm a do-it-yourself kind of guy.

To prove own worth by the method "I'll manage it" is silly. Do not take on an unbearable burden of obligations, the ability to distribute responsibilities will be useful for in your work and life. 

Agree, stupid mistakes that can be avoided, easily spoil any career. Do not relax, but do not take on all the work, learn self-discipline and the mantra "all will be fine" and you will definitely become an excellent event-manager.


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