Top-5 for corporate recreation in Russia

Top-5 for corporate recreation in Russia | «Proekta»

Today it has become popular to take corporate employees out for some or other corporate events and parties, which take place both in Russia and abroad. Holding these corporate trips has many causes. Firstly, communication between employees outside the office, in other words, establishing friendly relations, contributes to the better performance of their work. Secondly, favourable atmosphere in a corporation or a company follows joint trips, and a once divided group of persons turns into a great, close-knit team.

Tourist service undertook a research and found out what destinations (in the CIS countries) Russian Federation citizens consider the most popular in the context of tourism. Top-5 includes Lake Issyk Kul (Kyrgyzstan), Borovoe (Kazakhstan), Belarusian Lake Naroch, the Caspian Sea coast in Baku and Lake Sevan (Armenia).

Lake Issyk Kul is located three hour-drive from Bishkek at a height of 1609 meters above the sea. The lake traditionally called by many people “the Kyrgyz pearl” lies in a picturesque place amidst mountain ranges. Prolific climatic conditions, a great deal of sights, as well as beach-related rest attract company managements to this place.

The Borovoe resort located 2-hour drive northward from the Kazakhstan capital includes 5 lakes. Tourists from the Russian Federation go for this place because of limpid air, healthful water, and delicious local cuisine.

Lake Naroch is located two hour-drive from Minsk. National park “Narochansky” annually visited by over 30 thousand of tourists is located on lakeside.

Resorts by the sea (in Azerbaijan) attract visitors with sandy beaches, very warm sea, as well as exotic cuisine. Here visiting ancient cities is successfully combined with everyday sea-bathing.

Lake Sevan located amidst mountain ranges is the largest Caucasian lake. The tourist is expected to enjoy boat cruises, fabulous mountain scenes, and fresh crayfish kebab as well. The Sevanavank monastery is considered the most popular among local relics of the past. It’s located nearby, on a peninsula near the city called Sevan.


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