How to convince users to watch an online event to the end?

How to convince users to watch an online event to the end? | «Proekta»

Many brands have managed to reorient some of their events to an online format. But it is not enough just to launch such events. It is necessary to solve questions about interaction with the audience, ways to keep their attention. No matter how useful, relevant topic an online event is devoted to, no one will watch it in case of a boring submission.

7 secrets

Here are some effective ways to engage your audience:

1.Prepare carefully. Study the online activities of competitors, pay attention to mistakes and do not repeat them. Announce a topic that no one has covered yet.
2. Decide on the timing and do not go beyond it. To do this, a minute-by-minute script must be prepared.
3. Choose a platform for conducting where there will definitely not be problems with the quality of communication. Do not test the patience of customers and do not spoil your reputation.
4. Take care of your appearance. Do not underestimate the importance of this item. No one is interested in looking at untidy people in an ugly designed space.
5. Add interactive. Then people will no longer be tempted to turn on the broadcast in the background and go about their business.
6. Don't rule out a tea break as if it were a real event. After a certain time behind the screen, physical satiety sets in, and this must be taken into account.
7. Promise some kind of gift to those who stay online until the end of the event. This may be a significant discount on payment for services or a real product - it depends on the specifics of the organizing company.

And finally, a piece of advice: devote time to working with the audience even before the event. Pay special attention to social media content marketing so that people understand why they should get involved. You can also hold so-called pre-events to stir up the interest of customers and give them a greater understanding of what awaits them.


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