Why do not shows, presentations yield expected results?

Why do not shows, presentations yield expected results?  | «Proekta»

Shows often yield anything but results you expected. So what’s the reason? As a rule, it’s people who organize shows – they make a good many of mistakes and don’t take into account their expectations and goals when planning. Secondly, many people treat shows as something that will “tick a box” rather than a set of important events. For many companies regardless of their core business show is a component of promotion, PR and also a method of company’s goods selling.

One of the problems of shows is downplaying the significance of this event. Companies often believe that holding a show means wasting time and money. In other worlds, the management of a given company just does its duty and doesn’t event try to push up sales or contribute to business expansion by means of a show.

Many companies simply do not know how to enjoy show advantages. Some cannot clearly state their goal in an exhibition, other companies consider that hosts of venue have to do most of the work, as a result, they do relax and work with the left hand. Besides, many companies face the problem of poorly trained employees. Work of an incompetent worker on a show is a “black spot” on the company’s reputation.

We turn our attention to how to make the best of participation in a show. First off, set goals of your participation. What would you like – to increase sales, show some new development or improve the company’s image? Secondly, decide on what you’ll exhibit on display stands and how you’ll attract attention. Thirdly, who of employees will manage the competent product representation best? And, certainly, you need to draw up a budget of your participation in a show.


A specialist has to be prepared for a show: to arrange a stand, decide on its situation, monitor conditions of participation, and think over how to attract people to his company.


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