Event marketing in the “experiment” style: awesome examples from practice

Event marketing in the “experiment” style: awesome examples from practice  | «Proekta»

An experiment focused on the awakening of users’ interest and artistic taste always yields income. The fact is confirmed by realized ideas of famous brands.

1.    Piano from Volkswagen

The solution to turn one of the subway ladder into black and white keys of piano seemed strange at first sight, but it turned out a great marketing gag. According to the pool, 66% Germans preferred the “musical” ladder to common escalator, and now the cars of the brand are associated with good humour. Conclusion: the advertised product not always take part in the experiment, it’s enough to mention the brand related to positive.

2.    In what units do you like to weight?

This question was put by the marketing experts of Lean Cuisine, a company, which is specialized on frozen dietetic dinners. The essence of the event – weight is not a sign of obesity, if we measure it in children’s love, whom you feed with tasty dinner, or in guests’ smiles. A railway station was rented for the event, where artists painted the weight loss imagined by the people. Result: viral effect and over 240 million of views. Conclusion: advertising campaign with the main message “put the customer in the product’s place” always wins.

3.    Comics characters – event’s participants

The Smirnoff brand idea – is a costume party, where all invited guests were dressed into the costumes of superheroes from comics, with corresponding entourage in the form of animation and graphics. The event allowed plunging into a new world, getting invaluable experience and involving all participants. Conclusion: involvement into the process (especially under unusual conditions) helps stick together, prove creativity and stick in memory for long.

The examples prove that there are more than enough memorable ideas and methods of their implementation, that’s why don’t be shy to run a campaign to cause stunning effect and increase brand or product awareness.


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