Elbphilharmonie installation in Hermitage Mobile installation of Elbphilharmonie in Hermitage
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Client: Elbphilharmonie

Mobile installation of Elbphilharmonie in Hermitage

We made a stand in Hermitage for the Elbphilharmonie (Elbe Philharmonic Hall) in Hamburg.

The promo stand was a view of the unique by many parameters philharmonic hall in Hamburg. Hermitage visitors could find out more about possibilities and peculiarities of the philharmonic hall, evaluate sound quality, materials, and multifunctionality.

The stand located in the General Staff Building in the area of free access was available for 8 days.

The mayor of Hamburg and representatives of cultural organizations arrived at the installation opening ceremony. St. Petersburg was chosen for a reason, like the other cities where the installation was presented, it is a sister city of Hamburg.


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